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Published: 27th January 2010
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Numis Network is a coin company that is trying to market there silver and gold numismatic bullion coins through multi-level marketing. There are people who invest thousands of dollars into the exact same type of silver and gold coins. Would you believe the coin industry is well into the billions. We have decided to dive a bit deeper and figure out what Numis Network is all about.

Without a doubt people should be taking there hard earned dollars and making some investments into such coins. If you follow the news at all I'm sure you have heard US currency is tanking and some countries aren't accepting our money. It's nothing more than paper loaded with debt. In other words, the dollar is not what it use to be. Some are saying the dollar is being devalued so much that it could eventually fail.

Precious metals on the other hand have increased in value and could potentially continue to do so. So these bullion coins seem to be a pretty solid investment, or at least seems to be. What I don't believe in is PAYING TO MUCH for your investment and that definitely seems to be an issue with the Numis Network and what they are charging their distributors. It is important you understand when you buy these coins from a 'reputable' dealer you pay spot price (current price of the precious metal) plus a very small commission.

So why is the Numis Network charging 5x more for the ANACS MS70 graded 2009 Silver Eagle? Is it really worth paying that much more than a non-graded 2009 Silver Eagle?

***The Numis ANACS MS70 coin is $125

***Non-Graded 2009 Silver Eagle is only $20.

Numis Network is charging FIVE TIMES the amount. Why is that? Well we are still trying to figure it out. It has the SAME AMOUNT of precious metal but is costing five times what a non-graded coin will cost you.

Maybe your already in Numis and you don't believe me. Do yourself a favor, take your 2009 ANACS MS70 Silver Eagle to local reputable coin dealer and see what they will pay for it. The grading of these modern numismatic bullion coins is practically WORTHLESS. The only real benefit you have is that they are certified to be real and the protective plastic slab they come in. I can get the exact same thing 2 miles from my house at my local mall and pay $100 dollars LESS.

So the question of the day. Why do companies grade coins and how does it benefit you the consumer? Ya, you guessed right. They get PAID for every single coin they grade. They have sold out for profits. So how hard is it to grade coins.

The so called grading system was implements for companies like Morgans or gold St. Gaudens. There had to be a set standard for evaluating the worth of OLD coins. Tell you what, find a mlm that has OLD coins for this price and I'M in. Unfortunately you won't find any.

So lets dive just a bit deeper. Why is Numis Network saying they have rare collectable coins? Is there anything special about these coins? We think NOT.

Once again, collectable coins are based on their precious metal content and also rarity, collector demand, and the condition they are in. How does Numis compare in comparison?

- Precious metal content (silver spot price) for one troy ounce of silver is $18 right now

- Silver Eagles minted are not rare. There have been HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS minted in the last decade

If you went to ANYONE that knows about coins they would NEVER pay 5x the spot price for coins that are not rare. It is only about precious metal content. That's all.

- Silver Eagle is pristine... They just got STAMPED at the mint. Would you expect anything less?

Hopefully you understand what I have gone over with you. The REAL value of an ANACS 2009 MS70 Silver Eagle is $18. What this means is that a Numis Network distributor or customer is paying $125 for a coin that is worth no more than $18 at a reputable coin dealer.

Numis Network coins are not rare but could go up in value with time. That is a given. However the only real way to recoup your money is to wait for silver to go above $125 or sell it to someone on ebay that knows nothing about coins. Don't count on either one happening any time soon.

Josh Paiva is an expert in evaluating network marketing companies and can help with your question regarding Numis Network Coins or starting your very own online business. For answers click here MLM Secrets

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